Art Progression Now is...

A borderless collective working towards open, fair and distributed support systems for artists. We aim to establish a decentralized ecosystem in which creators, makers and developers are empowered and fairly compensated.

Our story begins in Lisbon, in the Fall of 2020, when a group of developers, designers and curators joined forces to create crypto enabled arts experiences.

APN was formed to support artists and DIY spaces by creating directly generating value for these actors through the expanding sectors of digital art and cryptocurrency.  

Since the beginning, our focus has been on bridging the gap between physical and digital arts, and to support pioneering creatives and organizations in the space. No matter where they are located, and irrespective of culture or creed. 

For better, or for worse, we are currently witnessing a major evolution in the way people and institutions transact with art and performance, a phenomenon that has been facilitated by decentralized finance (DeFi) and the emergence of Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs).

In this context, our mission originates from the strong need for artists to freely express themselves and a need for the creation of new tools to do so sustainably.

Our purpose is to provide an open space for continuous experimentation and encourage the fair consumption of arts through decentralized technologies.

We hope to build bridges across creative communities and to serve as a lighthouse for the future of Art.

Our Mission is the following:

  • To establish open, fair and distributed support systems for artists
  • To progress the Arts by providing limitless platform for self expression
  • To push the boundaries of what it means to experience Art
  • To attach purpose & social impact to the consumption of the Arts
  • To provide the visibility, technological support and financial resources for artists to innovate
  • To raise awareness of Web 3.0 solutions for creators through education
  • To experiment with crypto economics, emerging technologies & the arts
  • To create a sandbox environment for open source collaboration
  • To use web3 technology to enable creatives collectives to generate their own stability within their localised ecosystems
  • To develop Lisbon as a crypto arts capital
  • To develop an permanent crypto arts gallery in Lisbon

progress the arts, now.